Antiques, Inventions, Misc.

Volute has experienced craftsmen capable of making parts entirely by hand, using both modern and original methods. For example, we might blacksmith up a part, finish it with a file, but then use modern TIG welder to attach it. This allows us to make parts that are generally unavailable in the modern, computerized, world. It also is valuable in certain classes of repairs, where artistic ability is necessary.
Special RepairIf you have an ancient device originally made by the hands of a craftsman, we can duplicate the missing parts, or mend the broken ones.We can replicate the original finish, or simulate the patina, on display items. On intricate antique devices, we have the ability to troubleshoot mechanical and operational problems, and even design and make missing items in the proper antique style.
Craftsmen are rare, so they are not cheap, similar to premium auto mechanics. If the antique is of low value, severely damaged, etc. it may not be worth the cost to restore it. However, if is an item of high value, our craftsmen are wonderful bargains, because we can add tremendous value to your antique.
 The ability to make parts by hand is sometimes of great value to inventors, research and development labs, and marketing professionals, etc. Often, it is hard to communicate an idea well enough to have your words converted to physical reality, so sometimes a physical model is necessary. We can make replica type models, basic prototypes, test samples, crude prototypes, etc. sometimes quicker and cheaper than the modern methods, if hand-made appearance is good enough. Usually on work of this nature, several iterations of the model are completed, in quick succession, until the idea is perfected. We can help you get your idea to market faster and cheaper, if it is that sort of project. Once your idea is perfected, we can also help you transition from hand-made models, to fully modern manufacturing techniques.