Maintenance & Repair

Volute is very skilled and experienced at industrial maintenance and repairs. We rebuild and repair a large variety machines, structures and control systems, for a diverse range of industries. We are a general purpose industrial shop that services both mechanical and electrical systems. Mixers, pumps, housings, gear boxes, shafts, spindles, motors, speed controls, safety devices, chain drives, conveyors, mills, frames, etc. are common jobs in our shop. We work on equipment from a variety of industries, including chemical processing, food processing, light manufacturing, paper converting, heavy industry, construction equipment, valuable antiques, and much more.
Our machine shop is optimized for repairs, and the small job quantities common for spare parts. We duplicate difficult to obtain parts, troubleshoot repetitive problems, and provide maintenance engineering services. We work on the old and the new, the advanced and the elementary, with or without plans. We can reverse engineer machines, parts and controls and can upgrade and update your obsolete equipment. We have craftsmen skilled at precision hand finishing, and artistic work, which allows us to repair and fabricate valuable and rare parts that other shops can not do.

Roller Repair

Repaired Casting
Why are spare parts so expensive? We routinely supply spare parts for half of the price of the original equipment manufacturer. Why does the most important machine keep breaking down? We can provide upgraded and re-engineered parts that correct for built-in problems, once and for all. The expense and hassle of dealing with OEM suppliers, and repair labor, can be eliminated if the real problem is designed out of the machine. Do you have equipment rebuilt that never seems to work properly? We have excellent craftsmen that know the right way to fit bearings, set clearances, tension chains, service controls, adjust sensors, troubleshoot problems, etc. This is why the majority of our work is from long standing repeat customers.

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