First ShopVolute Engineering was founded in an empty office, in 1990, with small amount of capital and some second hand office furniture. The company’s initial business was consulting engineering and the design and build of custom machines. Very early on, it became apparent that sub-contracting machine shop work yielded inconsistent quality and constant delays. Soon, a small machine shop was assembled in basement of an old building in a rough part of Cincinnati. Machines were scrounged from where ever.
The business prospered and the company moved to a small industrial building in Lockland, Ohio in the mid-90’s. Maintenance and repair work increased and larger machines were soon needed.  The business prospered and soon outgrew this location as more machines were added. The business was moved in the late 90’s, three doors down the street, to still a larger location where more complex projects were possible. In  2005, Volute moved to its present location in Evendale, Ohio near Sports Plus. We are in a modern and accessible facility conveniently located near the interstate, in a nice part of town, near industrial supply houses, restaurants, lodging, shopping and entertainment.
The name “Volute” was chosen because the first several choices had already been taken by other corporations in the State of Ohio. Many attempts were made at finding a unique name but even the Latin names of trees had been taken. At the time Volute was being named, the founder was in the process of designing a constant-decceration-rate volute, a special sort of spiral for use in an impact pulverizer. Nobody knew what the founder was talking about when he discussed what he was doing at work, so he decided to give that name a try. The name was available, so the rest is history. Volute’s logo was based on the constant-decceration-rate volute and the shape began as a complicated equation.
2005 Volute's Shop